Introduction of Dowelmax mitre accessory

In a few weeks we will be introducing a new accessory; The mitre guide. Dowelmax can accomplish every wood joint conceivable, with one exception; the edge mitre. It can easily accomplish the end mitre, such as would be required for a picture frame, but it can not be configured to complete an edge mitre, such as is required for a drawer ( mitred corners ) For the past nine months Mike and I have been designing, and constructing prototypes for a suitable accessory.

The design is a little more tricky than it would appear; It has to handle all the relevant sizes from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ and beyond. It also has to be able to accomplish through type joints. The latter is particularly pleasing, because by design the dowel exits at exactly 45 deg. to the normal axis, and when trimmed and sanded forms an ovoid shape. Darker ( mahogany ) dowels can be used and the effect is very pleasing particularly when used in conjunction with drawers ( dove tail effect )

An introductory video of the system has been added to our website ” Dowelmax advantages v.s the ” other” system “

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