Crown moulding

Some time ago, a friend involved in the construction industry asked me if I knew of a method to join moulding in really long stretches. He said it was infuriating, having completed a job to discover, that due to shrinkage, or just plain movement the gap at the join would open up. It was, as he described unsightly and didn’t appear very professional.

At that time I hadn’t tried to use Dowelmax in this manner but I felt fairly certain I could adjust the device to accomplish that task. I found I had to reference from the rear and bottom edge for the best arrangement of dowel cluster, and it worked beautifully.

An additional advantage was that I could also join the two pieces in the workshop, then sand the contours of the moulding so the join would marry perfectly. Once in position and glued, the seam could be filled and sanded. After priming and sanding the join was virtually invisible, and no movement or separation took place.

I intend to show the method on video on our website in the near future.

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